Not a Mirage: Toni Johnson

 “Sex is an opportunity to find excitement, peace, fun and an escape from everyday worries,” muses Toni Johnson, owner of Oasis Aqualounge. “I always feel better after sex. I feel positive, fulfilled and attractive. I want everyone to experience that at Oasis. For me, life is good, and sex is the cherry on top!”

Since the Supreme Court allowed sex clubs in 2005, they have slowly been popping up across the country. Few have been accorded such attention as Oasis. Since taking over the huge Victorian mansion in downtown Toronto that was the former gay bathhouse Club Toronto, Oasis has already received rave reviews. While some in the queer community have been dismayed to lose an iconic gay establishment, Johnson admires the gay activists who made places like Club Toronto happen. “I am inspired by gay activists in Toronto who have stood up for their right to have the sex they choose, so that now straight people can enjoy those rights too.”

The opportunity to create a sexual space is the perfect melding of work and life for Toni. “Sex is my work, and it's the most fun I've ever had. I love creating a space and watching the couples, and hearing their stories of escaping their regular world and reconnecting with each other.” When asked if sex ever gets in the way of her life, Johnson smartly replies “No, it is life that sometimes gets in the way of sex. But I am always glad when I make the time.”

Johnson’s ambitions do not end at Oasis. The lady’s got some political ambitions and is considering running for the Sex Party. “I think that if more people had enjoyable sex we would have a lot happier and more fulfilled a society. I am a big promoter of sex bridging the happiness gap and want to spread the word that sex doesn't have to get stale. There are lots of ways to keep things spicy.” In the meantime, she’ll continue her work with Oasis Aqualounge, spreading the word about her dreamy downtown den. “I am working on spreading the word to couples and single women that there is a fabulous place where they can find an Oasis in the city to reconnect, connect with new friends and explore their sexuality—what a gift they can give each other for the new year.”