Safe Word

Calling all fans of Fifty Shades: Safe Word is a perfect opportunity to shut up, sit down, and experience some genuine d/s erotica. I wouldn’t even be making the comparison, but this sequel to Carrie’s Story reached me after having to enthusiastically (read: fanatically) explain to sexy lit-seekers that there is, in fact, erotic writing outside of bad fanfiction and kink writing that doesn’t treat its submissives like flat, flavourless objects in their own stories. Now I have a great example to point to.

Carrie recounts her experiences in pony training and slave auctions while staying the smartass, babalicious hero of those experiences. Plus a little something for everyone (submissive, dominant, or switch; kinky or not), Safe Word switches perspective from between Carrie and her old lover and master Jonathan to give a wider range of emotion and sensuality.

The best word I can use to describe Safe Word is classy: Weatherfield creates an alluring kink underground that treats, as Anneke Jacob beautifully points out in her forward, sex as high art, but Carries sass and self-awareness keeps this world and her European travels out of pretentious cheese territory. Whether you’ve read Carrie’s Story or not, this book is hot and engaging.