Saskatoon promotes safe sex through free condoms in bars

Public health officials in Saskatoon have teamed up with the Avenue Community Centre and the city’s sexual health clinic to promote safe sex by providing free condoms in bars. Available in the washroom areas of 5 bars, like the 302 Lounge, the condoms come packaged with information on free HIV testing. The goal is to bring down the city’s rate of infection, currently one of the highest in Canada.




AWESOME news...

that is really great news to hear...

as owners of a a canadain swingers contact we strongly belave in promting SAFE SEX and to date we seem to be the only website of this kind to run safe sex banners and linking them to the alberta Health Service website we have a furum running on the question SAFE SEX  do You? and has had a fantastic reponse from our members...

also at all off our events here in AB M&Gs, parties we supply FREE all condoms and avertise Safe sex posters!!

PLUS we are includding SAFE SEX questions in members profiles. IE SAFE SEX 100% STI tested etc etc

STI's are very REAL are are active in the swingers coummunnity.. SAFESEX 100%

Many thanks

Marie & John