Toronto author exposes rape rhetoric in seduction guides

Toronto author and publisher Alan Stransman’s new book, “Badass B***S***: Helping Young Men Identify and Reject Toxic Ideas About Dating, Relationships, Women and Sex”, addresses popular seduction guides like “The Tao of Badass” for what they ultimately are: guides to coerce unwilling women to have sex.

“The entire culture of seduction seems to be predicated on the idea of disarming women’s natural defense mechanism so that they do things that they would not ordinarily do if they were not under some sort of ‘spell’. Forcing, duping, tricking or deceiving women into having sex with you against their will is a form of ‘rape’ in my view, so these ‘seduction guides’ are anything but harmless,” says Stransman.

Check out for more or to get the PDF (published as “The Badass Report”.)