Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women's Erotica

I could talk about good (and bad) bisexual erotica until I’m blue in the face, but my praise for Twice the Pleasure is in large part to the credit of one story in particular… Damn, Dena Hankins! “Goa” is hands down the hottest story in this anthology littered with hot stories (although other gems include “Walking the Walk” and “Right-Red Flagging”.)

Obviously I’m not against fantasy (if I was I wouldn’t read so much porn, y’know?) but there’s something both impressive and way hot about written bodies, neither fetishized with corny (ha!) food comparisons, nor romanticized with an overabundance of adjectives, that feel real and sexy as hell. It doesn’t hurt that it’s refreshing to see realistic, consensual sex practices in erotica – for the most part “Goa” feels like a detailed account of an actual steamy threesome.

But that’s 13 pages of a 200+ page Cleis anthology, so how’d it do overall? Great. I saw my own experiences as a queer woman echoed in these stories. “Lifeline” is an all too relatable story of pining for a (probably) straight woman that end in a beautiful and unexpected scene. Even the maybe-a-little-too-poetic moments, like “The Robber Girl” are steamy.

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel sets the tone in her introduction, describing the book as a “both/and approach to how we view and cultivate our sexuality”, and I’ve got to thank her for bringing to the table a refreshing compilation of juicy queer stories that actually read as queer.