Under Her Thumb

“This is not humiliation. There is nothing humiliating about being beautiful or about being feminine,” writes Andrea Zanin of her fishnet and lipstick-clad male character in the opening story for Under Her Thumb.

Zanin, along with Midori’s feminist-toned praise of the dominant woman in her foreward, set the stage for what’s to come (cum?) in this anthology of femme dom erotica. After the sexy ups and cliché downs in Serving Him, also published by Cleis Press, Under Her Thumb is a welcome take on the other side of female sexual power.

And dammit, it’s good.

That’s not to say it’s flawless. Any book slut will tell you that with all anthologies there is at least one bad fanfiction with too. Many. Adjectives. But even those win you back over with preciously obedient boys (and girls!) and their stern, often mysterious, sometimes adorable (See: “A Little Ticklish”) mistresses.