Vancouver stages kiss-in outside Russian consulate

Approximately 50 protesters gathered outside the Russian consulate building in downtown Vancouver to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws. Couples and friends of the same sex kissed in front of the consulate building in solidarity with Russia’s LGBTQ+ population.

A network of hate groups in the country, “Occupy Pedophilia”, which considers pedophilia and homosexuality morally indistinguishable, have so far received no legal recourse for luring in young gay men for torture and humiliation. Gangs have even had their violent videos broadcast on a local TV station. Nikolai Alekseyev, founder of Gay Pride Russia, blames the country’s outlawing of “homosexual propaganda” for legitimizing violence against gender and sexual minorities.

"They have received signals from the highest officials in the state -- the Duma, the president -- that basically you can do whatever you want if it concerns gay people because they are not first-class citizens; they are second-class or even third-class,” Alekseyev says.

"I think it's important for those of us … in this much safer society to put our solidarity into the public eye," said organizer of the Vancouver protest, Yogi Omar.

Souces: 1, 2 [warning: images of anti-gay violence]