Walk All Over Me: Foot Fetish (Part 1)

When I was 17, I was at a drive-in movie. You took your vehicle, parked it, hooked up the speaker/tuned your radio to the right frequency and enjoyed the evening. Those evenings usually didn’t involve a whole lot of movie watching for the cool kids at the back of the lot, those furthest away from the snack shack. That night, it was hot and all the windows and doors were open and people were staggering around doing silly things. As the designated driver, I decided to move to the passenger seat of the boogie van, put my legs up onto the dash and press my tiny little feet against the glass, because I knew it would be cool to the touch. It was then that I learned about the power of feet. A man sat dumbstruck, staring. Being a perceptive pervert-in-training, I rubbed one foot against the other and gauged his reaction. Sure enough: each time I moved, he responded by shifting his body in the seat. Nothing else existed for him at that moment except my tiny, little, perfectly-formed, white feet pressed against that cool glass. That moment changed my life.

If you look back in history, you will see that the sexualization of feet is ancient. Binding them to keep them very tiny, painting them with henna, painting toe nails, tattooing, building footwear that would either entirely expose or entirely enclose them, and creating amazing fabrics to showcase feet; all these have been part of the evolution of foot fetishism.

For people like me, the world of foot fetishism is actually the world of Foot Worship and the pews are full in this divine house. If you’ve read Different Loving—a well-researched BDSM resource—you know that out of all of the many fetishes in the world, this is THE most popular one. Of fetishists, a full 7% of that population are foot fans, or, as a heterosexual foot goddess like myself would refer to them, footmen.

Footmen come in all shapes, sizes, ages, cultures, income brackets, and sociological backgrounds and they approach the subject with excitement and usually reverence. They can spend hours and hours entranced and lost in the joys of foot worship. This also comes in many forms: massage by both hand and mouth, biting, licking, cleaning if dirty/dusty using both mouth and cleaning products, rubbing against their various body areas, having toes and the entire foot enter their mouths and other body parts, chewing rough skin or long nails off, giving full blown pedicures, playing with things like stockings, shoes and boots (dirty and clean), etc.

I have some favourite activities. One of mine is to have a man on his back at my feet while I watch TV, read, or something else and to have my feet on his body. I like his legs spread around me so that I can run my feet from his mouth to his groin. While spit is still my all-time favourite lube, for an extended session of this—say for an episode of True Blood for example—silicone lube is wondrous.

Part Two on this fetish will provide more depth about fetishistic foot-related activities.