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Addicted to porn?

 Dear V ,

I am 32 years old man and I have been married from three years ago.

I love my wife and I am faithful to her, but i am addicted to porn since I was 14.
I masturbate a lot, i am addicted to it, i tried to stop many times but I always fail. I never cheated on my wife but i tend to flirt with girls and I desire to have sex with them. I have a lot of fantasy about women I know or I encounter.

Can masturbating everyday cause any problems?
Regards Ricardo

Chocolatey Love!

Dear Vera,
I have a friend who eats tons of chocolate. She is single at the moment and claims it’s her substitute for love and relationship until she finds a new partner. I have heard that chocolate induces a feeling similar to being in love/lust in the past as well, but is there any truth in that?
Chocolate Lovers friend

Smell Your Way to Love!

Dear Vera,
I’m single and dating and was recently shopping. I sampled some perfume that sort of claimed to have ingredients that would make me more attractive to men. Is that for real or bogus?
Seductively Scented

Dear SS,
The concept of a human pheromone, or sexual scent of attraction, has been debated and researched for years.

Panties For Sale

Dear Vera,
I’m a single mom and have decided to make some easy extra cash by selling my used panties on line. Another single mom friend of mine did this a while back on craigslist and actually made some cash! After craigslist site got freaked out about sex workers posting on their site and enforcing new strict regulations I'm afraid to post my panties there. Any suggestions on other sites I can post them on?
Looking for a Panty Man

Good or Bad Vibrations?

Dear Vera,
I worry about getting so attached to my vibrators and that intercourse will no longer 'do it' for me. Can that really happen?

Buzzed out to get off

With a Cherry on Top

Dear Vera,
My friend and I are having a disagreement about what the true meaning of "popped cherry” is. Can you settle this argument for us and tell us what you think it means.
Bing Cherry

No Blow?

Dear Vera,
My boyfriend of six months claims not to like blowjobs. I find this strange. If it really is the case, and he just doesn’t get off on them, then I’m happy to leave it at that, but I worry it’s some sort of hang-up he has, and he’s just denying himself pleasure for whatever reason. Does that sound plausible? Or am I over-thinking this? He goes down on me, so that’s not a problem. I’d just like to be able to reciprocate.

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