Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk: Erotica Writer Heather McAlendin

Erotic fiction has never been more popular. And that is saying something because as soon as humans could commit words to paper (or walls or slate) they've been writing sexy smut. And with a longstanding artform, there are always ebbs and flows of popularity. Ebooks have brought erotica roaring and panting into vogue as they are now readily distributed to many eager fans.

Pillow Talk: Carlyle Jansen

If you enjoy sex, have a passion for female orgasms, and really dig feminist porn Carlyle Jansen—founder of Good For Her and avid student, consumer, advocate and educator of human sexuality—is definitely someone you should know.
   Sexlife Canada recently had the good fortune of sitting down with Carlyle for a chat about her popular store, society’s shifting attitudes towards women’s sexuality and sex positive culture.

Pillow Talk: Lilyanne from Pornographic Love

You can see pretty much everything in the wide world of porn. Every fetish, every position, every body type, every everything. But one thing that is not as common to find when searching the world wide spank bank is love and genuine passion. Pornographic Love, a new website featuring Lilyanne and Max brings together the sensual and sexual side of their relationship by featuring photos and clips of hot and erotic scenes.

Pillow Talk: Winnipeg's Kinky Konnections

The role of community, in many parts of our lives, can often be understated. Without a peer group, a support network or just references to others like you, personal development and growth is challenging. This is particularly important in terms of sex and sexuality. While some are fine with, and accepting of, their sexual needs, others greatly benefit from talking with other about their needs, desires, kinks and fetishes.

Pillow Talk: Patchen Barrs and The Erotic Engine

It was a key scene in Boogie Nights. Legendary porn director Jack Horner debates moving from film to video tape. We all know that porn didn't stay in the theatres it dominated in the 1970s. Instead, visual sex did move to—and revolutionize the VCR. While it is often considered that sex is a strong factor in society, it is not always remembered what a crucial roll it has played in the development of many technologies.

Pillow Talk: Marina Adshade of Dollars and Sex

You’ve probably never stopped to consider how the price of a drink at your local watering hole affects your sex life .Or ever wondered about the connection between penis size and economic growth. But Dr. Marina Adshade, a macroeconomist at Dalhousie University, and her many students definitely have. According to Dr. Adshade, economics has more to do with love and sex that most of us recognize.

Sexlife Canada sat down with Dr. Adshade for a chat about all things love, sex and economics.

Pillow Talk: Aspiring Pornographer Alexis Zmoke

Getting into porn can be a surprisingly easy and quick process. Various websites offer the opportunity for amateurs or newcomers to supply images and videos and then get a cut of the profiles from the sales of those. However, if you’re interested in producing porn that is edgy, genderqueer and ethical, you’ve got a whole different situation to deal with.

Pillow Talk: On The Front Line of the Sex Work Battle

The dangers of sex work, and the right of sex workers to ply their trade safely, is currently in the headlines. One group that is ‘fighting the good fight’ is Ottawa sex worker’s advocacy group POWER. Sexlife Canada recently spoke to Lindsay, an Ottawa area sex worker who is working with POWER.

Pillow Talk: Sex Researcher Amy Muise

Judging by the number of romantic comedies that come out every year, it is pretty obvious that people have a distinct interest in how dating and relationships work. We just can't get enough of vicariously experiencing the situations that create intimacy, establish a relationship and then, possibly, ruin a relationship. The insatiable need to understand how this happens (and in real life, with far less hilarious or heartwarming consequences) is the drive that sex researchers approach their study.

Pillow Talk: All Genders Wellness Centre

The health care system is not a perfect fit for everyone. Recognizing that people from all areas of the gender non-conforming spectrum need care, a group of dedicated volunteers established the All Genders Wellness Centre in Vancouver.