Post to National Sexlife Journal
Create a profile which can be your name or a pen name.  That name will show as the byline in the post and automatically link to your profile.

Log on to your profile
Go to the front page of the site; click on the “Sexlife Journal” link on the left sidebar
Click on “add blog post” and follow the instructions on the submission page.

The Title
If  your post is a product review title it:
Playthings: [product name here}
Otherwise, choose whatever title fits.

All submissions must include a photo. Try to find photos that are relevant to your post. They don’t have to be sexy or even sex related but it helps. Location specific posts can use cityscapes or landscapes.

We respect copyrights.  The photo you upload must fall into one of these three categories:
1) You own or created the image yourself.

2) The image falls under fair use.
i.e. image is the cover, event poster, or logo of the subject of your article: eg. A story on the CBC and sex could have the CBC’s logo

3) The photographer has granted license to the public to use it.
There are two main sources of such photos:
a) WikiCommons
b) Flikr
c) Stock.Exchg

Use the search terms for the image you seek.
Check that the photographer of the photo you find has granted public use. Most photographers doing that  require that the photographer be credited. You can do that by copying the link to the photographer and inserting that link in the photo credit box on our  post page.

There is a box for tagging the post so it appears  in a list of related posts on the site. 
Choose one of these tags:
Sex News
Product Reviews (but the tag is "product Review - singluar)!!!
Sex Entertainment
Featured Personality
Sex Media
Sex Spaces
Sex Events
You can see this list of links on the right sidebar on the front page ; click on them to get an idea of the type of content tagged with those labels.

Moderation Queue
Once you post your article it will go into a moderation queue to be reviewed by our editors and then will be published.  Publication usually occurs within 24 hours of posting.

Post a Sex Research Paper
Write a 120 word (max) summary that describes your key conclusions in words that a general audience would understand.
Register at the site.
Once logged in as a member, go here.
Follow the instructions for submitting your material.

Get your personal Blog Featured
You must be a member; log into your profile
Go to “My Account”
Click on “Add a Blog” at the bottom of your profile page
Tick the box “include this post in the Featured Blog”

Submit an Event
Only members can post an event. Once joined, go to the front page of the Featured City that the event is taking place in. If your event is not in a featured city click "Rest of Canada".  Click on the events link on the sidebar and then the “add an event” link. Fill out and submit the form to post your event.

Create a Group
Only members can create a group. Once joined, if you cannot find a group on the topic you want then you can create your own by going here and submitting the form.

Get Listed in our Directory
If you would like to be listed in our sex positive directory please create a business profile for your organization and then  contact us and include your profile url, the city you would like to be listed under,  your name, email and website. Please also include the directory category or categories you’d like to be listed under. 

Note: while we at SexLife Canada aim to be as open and inclusive as possible only listing that meet our criteria of having a sex positive mission and focus will be listed in our directory. If it is not evident from your website please include for us something about your history in human sexuality field or reasons why you feel your listing would be appropriate.

Take Over your Editor Listed profile
If you are the owner or official contact for a business or organization in our directory and would like to take control of your profile please go to our contact page here and send us an email, including your email address, website and business or organization name.  We will send you your login and password.

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